Painting a picture with words

I often think that pictures can not capture everything.  Some pictures are very moving, but they cannot capture the feeling you get when you are actually at a place.   I have many pictures of my beautiful cabin in Tennessee, yet I forget just how beautiful it is.  Each time I go, I remember how magnificent those beautiful mountains make me feel.

There is a sense of excitement months before I leave to go on our trip.  It is almost as if I can not wait.  My heart is aching, my mind is racing.  I just can’t wait to get there.  I am usually a very organized person.  But, I have to keep telling myself to calm down and think about what needs to be done before I leave.  The trip to Sevierville Tennessee is about 10 hours.  This would have been a huge inconvenience before I started going to The Great Smoky Mountains regularly.  Now, I hardly notice the long drive.  vrbo-Nothin-But-Views-2013-1101-Fall-View-3

As we get closer to the cabin, I notice the mountains and the scenery.  It is so beautiful.  We ascend Legacy Mountain where my cabin is and I get butterflies inside.  The cabin itself is so beautiful with the hard wood floors and the tongue and groove cathedral ceilings.  I cannot even believe we own such a wonderful place to vacation.  I have always dreamed of owning a home in the mountains and this one is one of the most beautiful places I have even seen.

I feel myself drawn to the decks.  I feel as if I can look out over those beautiful vistas all day long.  They are quite mesmerizing.  The scenery has a calming effect on me.  I really do not feel the need to go anywhere or do anything when I am on the deck enjoying the views.  It is as if no one else is around but me and those magnificent mountains.  I can hear the birds chirping.  There is a far off sound of cars driving.  I can see an apartment building that looks like a castle.  I can use my childish imagination and think of what kings and queens live there.  I imagine they have a pet fire breathing dragon.   In another direction, I see a school.  I can almost hear the happy children out on the playground at recess.   In the distance, I can see a field with animals in it.  I try to think of a time when this land was all just fields and trees.  When the animals roamed free and man hunted them for food.   I look out over the landscape and wonder how it looked hundreds of years ago.  I feel so small compared to thevrbo-Nothin-But-Views-2013-1101-Fall-View-5-with-Snow-Capped-Mountains vast beauty of the scene.  I am in awe to be a part of such a beautiful world.


6 thoughts on “Painting a picture with words

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