“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Good Morning)”

laura Blevins panaromaOne of our guests took this shot off of our balcony at ‘Nothin But Views’.  You can see why they call it the Smoky Mountains.  It is a beautiful sight to wake up to.  It is so quiet and peaceful in the mountains in the morning.  I love enjoying my coffee on the deck in the morning and waking up slowly.  It is one of the highlights of my trip.  The view is ever changing throughout the day.  Our morning routine usually involves sitting on the deck talking and sipping coffee and checking our electronics (laptop etc…).  We often don’t even talk.  We just listen to the sounds of the mountains waking up and enjoy the wonderful views.cropped-vrbo-nothin-but-views-2013-0524-view-2-judy1.jpg   Then, I wonder up to the work out room or take a little jog.  You really don’t even need to jog in the mountains.  You get a good work out just walking around.   I am leery to take a jog too early in the morning because of the bears in The Great Smoky Mountains.



14 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: (Good Morning)”

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  8. What a gorgeous view! Your description of your morning routine sounds so wonderful! And yes, I would not take a walk alone in those gorgeous woods. We saw so many bears when we visited the area a few years ago.

    • There is so much to love about the area. The fact that you have those gorgeous mountains to greet you every morning makes it a really special place. I have not seen a bear in my resort. But, we heard one when we were sitting on the deck one evening.

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