Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Gatlinburg is a quaint little town that you can walk up and down the strip and see all the sites.  There are musicians playing in the streets.  There are museums, shops, bars and just a great place to go and watch all the people walk by. moonshine They also have places where you can do some wine tasting, whiskey tasting and the very popular moonshine tasting.  In the moonshine area, there are plaques which tell you about moonshining.  Very interesting information about how Nascar racing is tied into Moonshining.

Ripley's-Aquarium-of-the-SmokiesThere are side streets with cute gift shops and coffee houses.  Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Ober Gatlinburg Ski lift, and the Hollywood Car Museum are just a few of the highlights on the strip.  You can take the trolley into town.  It is $.50 each way per person.  There is a trolley on 321 if you go the back way to Gatlinburg through the arts and crafts district.  There is also a trolley stop at the Gatlinburg Visitors Center.

We chose one day to park about 5 blocks off the main strip.  We parked in a church parking lot.  When we got back to our car, one person yelled bear and we all got into our car real quick.  I was looking around for a bear statue that may have been mistaken for a bear.  Sure enough, there was a huge bear sticking to the shadows of the church and moving right toward the back of our car.  He was close to the church were the lights don’t hit.  I would probably have missed him if it were not for my sister n law.  I wonder how many bears I have missed.bearincar

We followed the bear and warned people who were walking on the streets that there was a bear nearby.  We followed it and it went right up some concrete steps leading to a motel.  Could you imagine  opening your motel door to get some ice and a bear being right there on the walkway.  I guess bears are in the place you least expect them.


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